Local Community

Local Community

St. Christopher WAGS (Wildlife Action Group)

We are a group of local residents who usually meet at St. Christopher’s on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m.  Our aim is to  encourage wildlife in our garden and community and to bring the community together to share ideas and resources.

You may have noticed that the grass verges on Moorgate Avenue have had a new hair cut!  This to encourage wild flowers and insects.

We’ve had ‘Swift Boxes’ fitted under the eaves at St. Christopher’s to encourage swifts to nest there.  From the end of April to July a ‘call’ will be emitted from the box three times a day to attract any passing swifts who need a home – listen out for it, and look out for swifts.

Our latest project was making signs on recycled roof slates, which were made by some of our younger members.  These will be fixed on the railings near grass verges to let people know that we haven’t simply forgot to cut the grass!  “Pardon the weeds, we’re feeding the bees!”

If you want to know more contact us on Stchriswags@gmail.com.  We also have a Facebook page.


Southway Housing


Our work with Southway Housing –

A very big thank you to everyone at Southway Housing who helped redecorate St. Christopher’s as part of their Community Commitment Day on 1st June 2017.  You have transformed our building! 

We are currently working alongside Southway Housing on a variety of events aimed at older people in our community.

All Welcome


Mobility Scooter event - with Anne getting ready for the future!

Mobility Scooter event – with Anne getting ready for the future!